What is Price Protection Plan in Axis bank buzz card?

Below we have explained everything you wanted to know about the Axis Bank Buzz card price protection plan.

The cover will reimburse for the difference between the price paid with Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card for an item and a lower price available for the same item (the same brand, make, model name, and/or number). Cover will be applicable only for Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart. Change in price in any other e-commerce company will not be covered.

Important Conditions:

a) Claim should be reported by cardholder within 7 days of printed advertisement.
b) The printed advertisement must be published within 5 days of your purchase.
c) The lower price must be on the same e-commerce company.
d) Claim payment on any claim will not include merchant’s credit, discount, and/or manufacturer’s rebates, shipping, and handling fees.
e) In no event reimbursement will not be more than the actual amount charged for the item.


a) Any item with an original purchase price less than Rs. 2500;
b) Cash, travelers, cheque(s), transportation tickets, show tickets, securities, and other negotiable
instruments, bullion, stamps, lottery tickets or tickets to events, admission or entertainment;
c) Arts, antiques, firearms, and collectible items,
d) Furs, jewelry, gems, precious stones, and articles made of or containing gold (or other
precious metals and/or precious stones);
e) Any perishable item including food, beverages, tobacco, and fuel;
f) Pharmaceutical and other medical products, other products, and medical equipment,
g) Customized, personalized, unique and of-a-kind-items
h) Any items acquired illegally;
i) Living animals and plants;
j) Any motor vehicles including automobiles, boats, and airplanes, and any equipment and/or parts necessary for their operation and/or maintenance;
k) Land, permanent structures, and fixtures(including but not limited to buildings


Disclaimer – Above information is derived from the Axis Banks website. For more, you can visit here.

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